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Citytour in Heilbronn

50 highlights in 100 minutes

Hop aboard one of our comfortable double decker buses and enjoy a tour of Heilbronn. Our English audio guide will lead you through Heilbronn’s intriguing past, show you to the most important sites, and give you a look at the lively diversity of this up-and-coming city on the Neckar River. We’ve compiled 50 Highlights in 100 Minutes for you.
Whether the restaurants along the Neckar Mile, the Wartberg’s Wine Panorama Trail, or the Botanical Orchard – our tour invites you to hop off and explore. See for yourself how Heilbronn blends nature with big-city flair. Surrounded by hillside vineyards, the city gets its green look from urban forests and parks. Meanwhile, the city center hosts the Campus for Lifelong Learning, the most extensive academic campus of its kind. Europe’s largest science center and the grounds of the 2019 BUGA – the Federal Horticulture Show – are also right in the middle of the city. And Heilbronn’s pedestrian zones guarantee memorable shopping at owner-operated stores and boutiques.
Curious about why Heilbronn can call itself the oldest wine city in Wuerttemberg? Or what’s really behind the legend of Katie of Heilbronn? Climb aboard and find out!

Itinerary, highlights and places of interest



Hop On / Off05.04.19-04.11.19 Freitag - Montag
01  IBIS-Hotel 10:30 12:30 14:30
02  BW-Bank 10:35 12:35 14:35
03  Trappensee 10:54 12:54 14:54
04  Schlizstraße 10:58 12:58 14:58
05  Wartberg 11:19 13:19 15:19
06  Vine dresser cooperative 11:31 13:31 15:31
07  Botanical Orchard 11:42 13:42 15:42
08  Fügerstraße 11:48 13:48 15:48
09  Pier Badstraße 12:00 14:00 16:00
10  IBIS-Hotel 12:07 14:07 16:07

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Itinerary, highlights and places of interest

01 IBIS-Hotel Bahnhofsstraße
02 BW-Bank Kaiserstraße / Allee
03 Trappensee  
04 Schlizstraße  
05 Wartberg (10 minutes photobreak)
06 Vine dresser cooperative  
07 Botanical orchard  
08 Fügerstraße  
09 Pier Badstraße  
10 IBIS-Hotel